Facilities, Rules & Information

Facilities, Rules & Information


The 14 acre site is planted with over 8000 native deciduous trees, laid out in the shape of a crown to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in 2012. There are a number of clearings, a camping area with hard standing for 6 altar fires, a separate activity area, camp fire circle, bouldering wall, obstacle course, archery butts, Scouts Own Chapel, a covered Interpretation Centre with information boards, Cub Hut, storage container and toilets. We have parking for over 30 cars.

Guided wildlife walks and other activities can be organised on request.

Archery and rifle shooting can be arranged by contacting Julian Brown Tel: 01380 830056 jbspeleo@gmail.com or Brian Fitchett: 07776 96297, bejay7@btinternet.com

Site Management

The person signing the booking form will be responsible for the care of the site and all those using the facilities.

Our site Safety Policy can be found here

Those booking the site are responsible for the safety and well-being of all members of their party. Our Site Risk Assessment can be found here

The responsible person should produce their own assessment for their visit. Please note that there is a deep pond, a stream with steep banks on the north-eastern boundary and a number of ditches, mostly near the perimeter, which is fenced with barbed wire.

Please inform the Site Warden of any incidents or near misses and of any damage which occurs so that the possible need for remedial measures can be considered.

Bath Royal United Hospital – 24hr A&E Dept
Combe Park, Bath, BA1 3NG (Grid Reference: ST 728 657) 01225 428331

Minor Injuries Unit (24 hrs): Trowbridge Hospital, Seymour Road BA14 8PH 01225 752558

GP: Roundstone Surgery, Next door to Hospital, 01225 4778952

Out of hours: 111

Defibrillator: West Ashton Village Hall. (turn right onto the A350, left at lights and the hall is on the left

Booking Secretary:
Michael Gamble, 6 Carisbrooke Crescent. Trowbridge BA14 7PA, 07795400262, michael.gamble9@btinternet.com

Chairman, Jubilee Wood Management Committee:
Julian Brown, 1 Blatch’s Orchard, Bratton BA13 4TS, 01380 830056, jebinbratton@gmail.com

Site Manager / Warden:
John Cox, 25 Deverell Close, Bradford on Avon, BA15 1UZ, 01225 864270, 07973678487, jandbcox@hotmail.com

Rules and Information


Fire Risk: Fire is an ever-present danger to our woodland and Biss Wood next door. 10 years work at Jubilee Wood could be destroyed by a moment’s thoughtlessness. Fires are only permitted on the altar fires and camp fire circle. Chinese lanterns, flaming lances and flaming arrows are never to be used.

Camping: should be confined to the camping ground and please make sure that all pegs are collected when you leave – these can cause serious injury if caught in the mower.

Booking: Availability of the site can be checked on the calendar and booking enquiries can be made by completing the Enquiry Form. Alternatively, you can contact the Booking Secretary (Michael Gamble) on 07795400262 or michael.gamble9@btinternet.com.

Once availability has been established, Michael will email the booking form to you for completion. He will then let you know the total cost of the booking, how and when to pay and make arrangements for collection of the keys. The person making the booking will be responsible for the care of the site all those using the facilities.

Access Arrangements and Keys: When the booking is confirmed you will be given details of how to access the site. Two keys and two combination codes will be issued to you and these will open the two main gates and give you access to the storage container where the other keys are kept. Remember to take the keys and combinations with you.

Vehicles: Please drive slowly. There is space to park 22 cars in the car park, with space for others beside the drive and in the large turning circle inside the gate. Vehicles are not permitted beyond the drive and car park; there is a trolley to move heavy items about the site.

Events: If your event will require large numbers of parents to deliver and collect young people, you must set up a traffic management system to ensure their safety on entering and leaving the site. Please discuss your proposed arrangements with the warden, John Cox, who will let you have a copy of our Traffic Management Plan and arrange for the gate to the Biss Wood drive to be opened.

Gates: To prevent others using the car park, please keep both gates closed at all times. There is a road side sign to guide visitors. For safety reasons, please do not allow anyone to climb the gates or fences.

Interpretation Centre and Cubby Hole: Are there for use by visitors but please do not cook or set naked lights inside either of the structures. There is a paved area nearby with an altar fire for central cooking and BBQs and an adjacent fire pit.

Dogs are not permitted.

Rubbish: All refuse is to be taken away with you – we have no collection. Wet and dry pits are not permitted

Waste Water: please use the disposal point adjacent to the water stand point. Empty and clean the filter regularly after use.

Water: All the taps supply potable water.

In winter

To avoid any more burst taps, the toilet block must be drained down when you leave. On arrival, please turn the water on at the meter located under the large manhole cover on the right of the entrance drive, (you will need a large screwdriver to lift it) a few metres in from the A350

On Arrival – close all taps in the three toilets and kitchen sink. Open the stop cock in the back of the Gent’s toilet. (one quarter turn downwards)

On Departure – close the stop cock and then open all taps and press the flush in the urinal and turn the water off at the meter by the main road.

In Summer

To avoid any more burst taps, the toilet block must be drained down when you leave. On arrival, please turn the water on and off at the stop cock under the sink in the gent’s toilet.

As the supply is metered and costs 2p per litre, water games are not permitted.

Toilets: These drain into a septic tank. To avoid blockages, please do not dispose of anything other than toilet paper into the system and please use only septic tank friendly cleaning materials. For example, products containing bleach will kill off the bacterial action in the tank and generate very noxious fumes – you have been warned!

Please leave the facilities as you would wish to find them and turn off the lights.

Electricity: The buildings are lit by solar powered batteries. This 12 volt DC supply is only capable of supporting the lights which have been fitted– use power wisely and rely on your own generator if you have other demands for power. There is a telephone charging point beside the disabled toilet. To avoid lights being left on the supply to the toilet block (not the other lights) is turned on from the grey and red isolating switch just beyond the telephone charging point. Rotate it one quarter turn to the right (upwards) if you really do need lights in the loos and remember to turn it off when you leave .

Leaving lights on dramatically shortens the life of the batteries

Firewood: Is stacked in the woodpile. Please be economic in your use of firewood – only burn it when you really need to. Please do not burn green wood or burn wood which has been stacked elsewhere – it is being kept for a purpose.

Games: Paint Ball Games, Fireworks and Chinese lanterns are not permitted. Games in Biss Wood are restricted to the areas designated by the warden, according to the season.(see below)

Use of Equipment

There is a User Manual in the Cub Hut which contains a detailed list of the available equipment, its location and how to use it.

Please report any malfunctions, losses or damage to the Camp Site Warden so that repairs can be arranged.

Use of Biss Wood

Do not enter the wood if it is windy

Biss Wood is classed as Ancient Woodland and is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, many of which are either endangered or are very rare species. The wood is owned by Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, with whom we are developing a close relationship. The Trust allows those using Jubilee Wood Camp Site to conduct certain activities in Biss Wood, on the strict understanding that certain common sense rules and behaviour requests are followed.

Please ensure that your members understand and follow these rules at all times, failure to do so will almost certainly result in your Group being banned from entering Biss Wood, and may well affect other users.

  • Explore the woodland but keep to the paths to prevent disturbance to wildlife
  • All wide games and other activities such as den building should be confined to designated areas. These areas will change according to the season, so please consult the Jubilee Wood Warden before mounting any activity in the wood. He will make the necessary arrangements with the Wildlife Trust
  • Leave nothing but footprints – take your litter home with you
  • See if you can spot bird and bat boxes. You may see birds flying in and out – but please don’t disturb them
  • Enjoy building dens but please remove them at the end of the session.
  • Only access the site through the main gates.
  • Take photos of flowers and fungi if you like, but don’t pick them – leave them for others to enjoy and do not damage trees and shrubs.
  • Record all wildlife and keep a log.
  • Vehicles are not permitted

Local Facilities

Swimming Pools and Sports Centres:
Westbury BA13 3BY (01373 822891)
Frome BA11 2SA (01373 465446)
Trowbridge BA14 0DN (01225 764342)
Bradford on Avon BA15 1DF (01225 862970)
Warminster BA12 9DQ (01985 212946)
Melksham SN12 6ES (01225 703525)

Co-op Leap Gate BA14 6FG (5 mins on foot via public footpaths)
Tesco County Way BA14 7AQ (10 mins)
Budgens Hackett Place BA14 7GW (10 mins)

Cinema: Odeon Trowbridge, BA14 7AQ
Castle: Farleigh Hungerford,BA2 7RS
Safari park: Longleat, BA12 7NW
Warminster Park with Boating Lake, BA12 9NH
River Avon for canoeing and fishing (free access from Tellisford and Bradford on Avon Country Park).
Larkrise Community Farm (adjacent to Biss Wood)
Horse Riding and Pony Trekking for groups: White Horse Equestrian Centre, Westbury http://whitehorseequestriancentre.com
Camping Equipment: BCH Camping 8 – 12 Islington, Trowbridge, BA14 8 QE http://www.bchcamping.co.uk
Caving on the Mendips: contact Julian Brown, 01380 830056

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